Fertile Egg

Title Fertile egg management Management of fertile eggs in the farm: Today’s subject is the management of fertile eggs , in this article we will address all the processes that must be performed for incubation and thus, ensure the best … Read More

toucan parrot eggs

What temperature should parrot eggs be incubated at? Incubate the eggs in an incubator designed for parrot or exotic bird eggs. The incubator you use should have accurate temperature control within one-tenth of one degree, and ideally a system for … Read More

Ostrich Eggs

Our farm have ostrich eggs and chicks now ready for sale, we have other exotic parrots and eggs available for our customers, we can supply these chicks and eggs in minimum and large quantities, our main markets are in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North and South America. We give our birds and eggs out at affordable price including transportation to your destination… Read More

sulphur cockatoo parrots

Sulphur Umbrella Cockatoos can be intelligent and well-behaved pets.
We have several different cockatoo types, all of which are popular options as pets. Umbrella cockatoos, Bare-Eyed Cockatoos, Black Palm Cockatoos, Citron Cockatoos, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos, Slender- Billed Cockatoos, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Muloccan Cockatoos, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos.
Hand fed Umbrella Cockatoos can be intelligent and well-behaved pets.
The Bare-Eyed Cockatoo are sweet, playful and intelligent, Bare-Eyed Cockatoos are smaller than other types of cockatoos.
Black Palm Cockatoos are large, powerful birds that require the expertise of experienced parrot owners. While hand fed Black Palm Cockatoos make excellent, tame pets, they still require firm training and are not for those who are new to keeping large parrots. Simply put — these are bold parrots who need bold owners.
Citron Cockatoos are quieter than most cockatoo species, but they have big personalities an Goffin’s Cockatoos bond strongly with their owners.
Citron Cockatoos are quieter than most cockatoo species, but they have big personalities and they love to play and interact with their owners… Read More

How to Take Care Of A Parrot,Start Guide

Things to Consider Before Getting a Parrot Here are the main issues that owning a parrot may present. We are not trying to talk you out of getting a parrot, but simply pointing out aspects of living with a parrot … Read More

Hypoallergenic Birds

The primary cause of allergic reactions in humans is the dust and dander that birds produce. This dander is produced naturally and is also the result of grooming. It consists of flakes of skin, keratin, and feathers as well as … Read More

What Is An Avian First-Aid Kit?

These are supplies you should have available for use in the event you need to treat an injured bird. The Merck Vet Manual website details a nicely stocked first-aid kit. Some of the items are: Phone numbers – Critically important … Read More

Injuries And Initial First-Aid Treatment

Many injuries incurred by pet birds are, in some way, related to flying. If you allow your bird to fly then there is the possibility of crashes into walls, mirrors, windows and ceiling fans. Additionally, many birds are injured by … Read More

Birds Insurance

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Sweden was the first country to introduce pet insurance almost a century ago. Almost half of the Swedish pets currently have insurance. Pet insurance is a growth industry, seeing more than a 17% increase … Read More

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